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List of Students of B.Sc IIIrd Yr. Honours (D.N.G.C only)
No.of students appeared21
No. of students passed20
Pass Percentage95.24%
05S60006 05S60054 06S06004 06S06005 06S06006
06S06016 06S06018 06S06021 06S06036 06S06040
06S06043 06S06050 06S06052 06S06054 06S06060
06S06064 06S06070 06S06071 ----- -----
Late College 05/LS/12 05/LS/73

Disclaimer:This list has been prepared from the pages pasted on the notice board of D.N.Govt. College,Itanagar.
Student's are requested to tally these result's from the notice board.